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Path to Tranquility

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Path to Tranquility                                                                                                      

Copia Art offers affordable three-panel wall art for any type of interior wall space. We design each of our wall pieces by mounting beautiful hi-resolution images to high-quality, solid-wood panels. Our decorative wall-art sets are available in three different sizes and can be hung in commercial and office spaces as well as any area of the home. Panels are designed for durability and moisture resistance. Any piece can hang in bathrooms and kitchens without being damaged by heat and moisture.

Our three-panel wall art can match any type of interior-design theme and style. Our cityscapes line features both black-and-white and colored pieces. The warm sunset and calm waters of San Diego Skyline are perfect for anyone who’s passionate about the California city and beach. Venice at Night provides a pop of color perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. The dreamy scenes depicted on the two-panel black-and-white Venetian Sky and Heart of Paris pieces are ideal for anyone entranced by the romantic sites of Venice and Paris.

Natural Landscapes
Our selections of nature wall decor feature breathtaking beaches and sunsets, vineyards, trees and flowers, mountain and canyon views and more! Bestselling Tropical Pier sets the tone for a serene and tranquil living space. Its sparking crystal-clear water and boardwalk extending toward peaceful bungalows create a stunning image that works for any room. Landscape Arch and Sacred Mountain Arch evoke exciting thrills and unlimited possibilities that any adventurist would enjoy. Express yourself and adorn ordinary wall space with our top-of-the-line triptych nature wall décor in black and white or color.

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